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How To Convince Your Company To Do a Wellness Workshop

Corporate wellness workshops can be a gamechanger for any organization, big or small. Not only can these wellness workshops reduce stress, build team collaboration, and increase productivity, but they are also a very worthwhile investment in company culture in the long run. 

At Antoinette Beauchamp, we work with companies of all sizes — from tech startups to global corporations — and across various industries — from wellness to public relations. We’ve been trusted by Google, Sutton PR, Narrative Group, Pernod Ricard, GREATS, and many more.

We’ve seen more and more interest from companies who are getting serious about their employees' well-being, and this is why we're so excited to offer a multitude of different corporate programming options that relieve anxiety, facilitate connection, and reset team motivation. 

We know that the wellness of employees directly contributes to the wellness of a company. Even though we feel confident about the benefits, we also know it can be an uphill battle to convince some business leaders — which is why we create a simple 4-step solution to convincing your company to do a wellness workshop

Step 1. Find out who manages your company’s internal events. 

Who is the go-to person for your company’s internal programming? Perhaps there’s a culture committee in your office, a specific events team, or HR is in charge of office gatherings. If you’re unsure where to turn, ask your boss or check out your internal company resources/directory. 

Another idea is suggesting corporate programming to just your team (especially if you could use team bonding). Pitch your boss on why a wellness workshop would be a great team-building exercise. Or, if you are the boss, you likely know the path to get group events approved. 

Step 2. Create the perfect pitch to convince the person in charge. 

Once you know who you need to pitch, it’s all about the language. Use evidence to make a compelling case to bring one of our workshops to your office (or Zoom meeting). To help you, here’s a draft of an email that you can edit and send to your boss programming lead!

Hi [Their Name], 

I hope you’re having a wonderful day. I recently discovered a really amazing company that offers tons of corporate programming that I’d love to bring into [Company Name]. 

They do everything from stress relief to connectivity to feel-good productivity, and the workshops are led by Empowerment Mindset Coach, Antoinette Beauchamp and her team. Out of all the programming they offer, I think [Workshop Name] is most suited for our team. (Plus, their offerings are all customizable.)

Why now? Not only did a recent study find that 85% of employers believed their successful wellness program had a positive influence on company culture, but I think a wellness workshop would be a really good investment for our company/team because: 

  • Employee wellness programs increase engagement. Employees are also more likely to see their own wellness linked with their professional success. 

  • Well-being increases adaptability. A recent Gallup survey found that employees who’re engaged at work and experience high levels of well-being were 45% more likely than other employees to adapt to change.

  • Employee wellness programs boost productivity. According to a study from August 2017 by the University of California Riverside, companies offering employee wellness programs saw a significant gain in productivity among workers — all employees who participated improved productivity an average of one full workday per month!

  • Employee wellness programs focused on meditation could reduce stress. A study in the  Journal of the American Medical Association found that meditation might help improve anxiety, stress, and depression.

  • Even more reasons can be found here.

Corporate wellness programs also bring employees together and build camaraderie — which would be very timely right now. I’m confident this program would be a worthwhile investment and experience for the company/team.

And, so that this isn’t more work for you, I’m happy to help set up the workshop and get any logistical questions answered (i.e., budget or timing). Do let me know what you think of this idea. I believe everyone will find a lot of value in this, and I look forward to bringing it to our team. 


[Your Name]

Step 3. Follow up and be ready to answer questions. 

Chances are, everyone at your company is super busy, and sometimes wellness can be put to the side. Give your email pitch a few days and then follow up with whoever you reached out to. Add another benefit or reason for why you want to bring this workshop to the company in your email. Once they say “yes!” you’ll likely get questions on specific details. Reach out to us to talk about pricing, timing, and all other logistics.

Step 4. Schedule your workshop. 

You did it! Congratulations on convincing your company to take corporate wellness more seriously. Now that you’re ready to take things to the next level, contact our team to discuss which workshop is best for your team or your company. We can create custom options, offer flexible scheduling, and can provide virtual programming to reach your teams no matter where they are. 

Need help making your pitch? Or unsure which workshop to suggest? Reach out to us with questions, or check out our Corporate Programming page for more information. 


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