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Guess What?! The Practice Is BACK This October!

Are you seeking accountability and authenticity?

Are you craving true connection and confidence?

Do you want to connect with like-minded women?

Do you want to take your life to the next level?

Then our signature group coaching program, The Practice, is just for you.

And guess what?

It's coming back this October! The magic officially begins on Tuesday, October 13th.

Are you in the know?! Get all the details below (or schedule your free breakthrough call straight away if you're just too excited)!!


The Practice: Your Journey to Confidence

A 4-week journey to fully and confidently owning all that you are.

About the program:

This signature group coaching experience is a practice in ownership and will inspire you to step into your power and take big leaps toward your most authentic and dream life. By the end of this month-long program, you will have the clarity you need and the confidence you deserve to take bold actions to uplevel every area of your life. Whether you want to make bold moves in your career, your relationships, or your own self-discovery, this program is made for you.

Through pre-planned accountability goals, weekly group coaching sessions, peer mentoring, confidence-building exercises, and self-reflection, you’ll be set-up for success to stretch your confidence. Together, we’ll help you shatter limiting beliefs, own your blocks and your worth, visualize your dream life, and learn to manifest all you deserve among like-minded, powerful women. Come as you are to own who you are and experience the power of group coaching with Antoinette Beauchamp and her team.

All the details:

The client testimonials:

"The group coaching was well worth the investment. My confidence grew and allowed me to be a stronger women and leader in my community because of this experience. It was refreshing to be able to discuss personal thoughts and fears with women who were very supportive and loving." - Crystal N

"I loved being part of a group, and found the accountability, and regular programming very helpful. I highly recommended it to others around me." - Zeina M

Read more testimonials here.

What do you say, are you ready to step into your power?

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