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What is Private Coaching all about?


Our private coaching offers 1-1 guidance to help you find the clarity you need and the confidence you deserve. You’ll begin with a discovery call so we can get an understanding of your unique needs and ensure that private coaching is the best route for you. Based on the learnings from our discovery call, we’ll pair you with an amazing coach, and you’ll choose between a 3 or 6-month package. From there, you’ll meet weekly with your designated coach who will act as a guide to help you take your life to the next level and empower you with long-term confidence. This program is perfect for anyone going through a major change and those ready to own who they truly are.

What is Group Coaching exactly?


Our signature group coaching program, The Practice, holds space for deep inner work and radical self-discovery. This virtual program will help you uncover conscious breakthroughs and provide practical tools to amplify your overall well-being. Each week, you’ll meet with an intentionally paired group of like-minded people to build community, gain clarity, and feel support in your journey toward owning who you are. If you’re seeking accountability (and fun!) in your journey of self-discovery, this program is for you. 

What Corporate Programming do you offer?


We bring completely customizable programming to companies of all shapes and sizes. We’ll work together with your team to develop content that suits your company’s unique needs. To give you a sense of what we’ve done in the past, below is a sampling of our past workshops:

  • The Power of a Positive Mindset 

  • The Art of Compassionate Communication

  • How To Manage Overwhelm & Navigate Change

  • Stress Less, Move Forward: a Meditation & Discussion

  • Intuitive Scheduling 101: How to Increase Productivity With Ease

What is an Energy Leadership Coach?


An energy leadership coach is someone who can help you take it to the next level. They help you activate your power and find the confidence you deserve to own who you are and up-level your life in every way.

What if I don’t know which program makes sense for me?


That’s what we’re here for! On your complimentary discovery call, you’ll already gain clarity on your goals and what is it you want to get out of your coaching experience. That will help determine which offering is right for you and someone from our team will be there to guide you through your options.

Who are the other coaches other than Antoinette?

We have a rockstar team of coaches that can help you rediscover yourself, own who you are, and become the most confident person you know. Each of our coaches has been vetted, and they’re trained in Antoinette’s signature coaching method and techniques. Clients will be paired based on their needs and what they’re looking for. Learn more about our coaches.

How much does coaching cost?


All of our coaching packages vary in price, and we will work with you directly to figure out what’s best for you. We also offer flexible pricing for marginalized communities. Discuss all of the magical options available to you by booking a complimentary discovery call! 

How long are your coaching programs and sessions?


We are all about living a flexible lifestyle, and most of our programs are flexible to accommodate your unique needs! Chat with someone on our team to go through what you’re looking for, and we’ll find you the perfect fit.

Where can I buy the “Know Your Worth” workbook?


Know Your Worth is a coaching workbook that’ll help launch you into personal development and inner work. The workbook is an easy and accessible way to dip your toes into self-discovery without fully diving into a coaching program. Regardless of where you are in your journey, consider this workbook as an easy and accessible investment you can make in yourself today. By using this tool, you can expect to reset your mindset, challenge the status quo, and increase your level of self-worth and confidence to face the world head-on and heart-first. Buy our signature workbook on Amazon.

Is Antoinette available for speaking opportunities or interviews?

Yes! Contact our PR team with information about your event or publication, details about the theme or topic, relevant dates, and what you’re looking for from Antoinette. We’ll get back to you between 2-3 business days! Get in touch.

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