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Meet Karissa D.

Karissa guides fellow dreamers to find their inner light and thrive through all stages of their lives. As the Head Coach at AB Coached, she nurtures authentic relationships with her clients and empowers them to step into their power. After going through coaching, Karissa chose to boldly redesign her life and become a coach herself—proving that you really can radically transform your life with the right tools. She’s also an in-demand speaker, hosting mindfulness workshops for companies like Reserve Bar, Living Room Realty, eXp Realty, Walter Scott Wines, and Designer Network NY/LA.

As a mother and a wife, Karissa understands the challenges of being a support system for many. She leverages lessons from her life in addition to her training expertise in order to lead her busy and in-demand clients toward the clarity and confidence they seek. Throughout her career journey, Karissa has worn many hats—from teaching dance and early education to being a property manager. She’s also a social-emotion learning facilitator and RY through Breathe for Change. 

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, she graduated with a BA in Dance and a minor in entrepreneurship and psychology. She now lives in Portland with her husband, daughter, two dogs, and chickens. 

"Self-care and self-love are selfish… But what exactly does that mean? First, let's talk about the word "selfish." Selfish is an adjective: lacking consideration for others; concerned chiefly with one's profit or pleasure. 


What Lights Karissa Up?

Tiny Feet
Image by Arno Smit
Beach Meditation
Image by Timofei Ryazanov
Image by Annie Spratt
Image by Ishan @seefromthesky
Image by Vino Li

Happy Place: The beach

Mantra on Repeat: I trust my authentic self

Fav Way to Serve: Teaching meditation

Go-To Self-Care Activity: Digital detoxing in nature

Signature Pump-up Song: The Bones by Maren Morris

Proudest Moment: Becoming a mother

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