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Meet Leah F.

Leah Wiseman Fink is a leadership coach at Antoinette Beauchamp — a coaching business that empowers women to create monumental changes in their lives and launches them into the life they've always wanted to live. Leah has an innate art for successfully coaching women to be the best versions of themselves at work and at home. She is often described by those who work with her as smart, relatable, and a natural-born cheerleader. Leah has nearly a decade of experience in growing communities, starting businesses, and uplifting women. She even co-founded a community of her own in 2019 called B'nai Brooklyn — a progressive and growing Jewish community in North Brooklyn.

Before becoming a coach and community builder, Leah moved from Detroit to New York City in 2003 for a teaching role. She only meant to stay five years but ended up staying 17. There she not only garnered an impactful career in education, but she also gained a husband, two kids, and six (yes, six!) pizzerias. On top of obtaining two master’s degrees from CUNY and Columbia University, Leah taught leadership principles at Columbia University (from conflict resolution to team building to decision making) and was an integral part of opening 60+ new schools (one of which a son of hers attends). She’s known to be a rockstar, and her clients frequently see fast results in their sessions and meaningful changes with themselves while working with her.

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You don’t just bounce back from a setback and wipe the slate clean. The race isn’t over yet. You just have to learn to keep going and collect the tools and the support you need along the way to help keep moving. To help you keep going. To help you heal.


What Lights Leah Up?

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Happy Place: North Fork, Long Island

Mantra on Repeat: I can do hard things

Fav Way to Serve: Coaching

Go-To Self-Care Activity: A luxurious spa day

Signature Pump-up Song: Hold Out Your Hand by Brandi Carlile

Proudest Moment: Finishing the 2019 New York Marathon

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