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4 Ways To Up-Level & Break Your Own Ceiling

I've helped clients in all stages of their business and life—from life stages of loss to new love to second babies. From landing the dream job to tripling revenue in their company and launching new products to creating new brands, I’ve been there for all of it.

I've seen clients start at $0, go up to $50k, and then reach $100k. I've seen clients sign contracts to sell their companies, balance the stress of a multi-million dollar earn-out, and raise capital to reach new heights.

But no matter the stage that they’re in, there is always a ceiling.

There’s a cap that a woman reaches, but it’s not what you think. That cap is her own personal one. And it takes stretching your confidence, a push through fear, and a whole lot of mindset shifts to then rise beyond your own ceiling. To move onto the next level.

This is what I like to call the up-level.

It’s the opportunity that many women are afraid to take, as they get comfortable at the level they’re already at. But I’m here to tell you that you CAN go farther, and you will. To help you do that, I’ve laid out four key steps to up-leveling. If you follow this four-step flow, you’ll find yourself breaking through your own ceiling—again and again.

1. Face your uncertainty

There's an initial sense of confusion that triggers fear when you’re considering how to get to the next level in your life or career. Doubt tends to bubble up and is combined with a desire for something more—something bigger. This confrontation feels a lot like being “stuck,” but this is exactly where you start to lean in.

2. Try something new

Lift the veil to new avenues and possibilities by trying something different, something new. These new paths—the ones that weren't visible in the initial fog—will start to become more visible through little nuggets of ideas and visions. The way to see them is to begin expanding past your comfort zone. Test pivots. Push your horizons.

Initially, it’ll feel challenging or maybe even daunting. Still, there will also be an underlying intrigue—a curiosity and excitement for what could be next if you follow this new path.

3. Take an aligned action

After you’ve confronted your uncertainty and shaped new footprints, it’s time to step fully into your power. This new direction, or aligned action, could be a price increase, a new product or offer entirely, a new partnership, or even a new hire. Regardless of the action itself, the power of taking this step causes a more significant shift to occur.

This shift starts to crack your ceiling, and all other possibilities begin to feel closer. Your energy starts shifting, and the confidence returns.

4. Maximize your results

The seeds that were sewn in the action phase start to rise. These may come up in the form of positive feedback, increased revenue, new clients, or fresh opportunities. This expansiveness feels even wider. Suddenly, more ideas, more possibilities, and more potential pivots start to be more accessible and easier to see.

Like a flood, this new wave of results creates more vision, more abundance, and more of everything. Maximize them by following them through a lens of flexibility and flow, stay open to receiving, and repeat the process.

Once you’ve got these steps down, the process becomes cyclical.

In the same way that seasons change, new stages of life and business emerge. And when they do, you can follow this same four-step flow. The ceiling typically always feels the same.

It can feel confusing, blurry, or scary. And then, you harness your courage and faith to take you through these steps with grace—until you’re once again riding another wave into the next phase of your up-leveled life.


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