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What The Heck Is Energy?

I bet you’ve probably heard the saying, “we are energy, and energy is all around us” before.

But what does “energy” even mean?

Energy consumes every part of our being. Therefore, energy could be described as a feeling or a vibration that radiates throughout us. For example, take a second to tap into how you’re feeling—right now. This is the energy of the current moment. So, for instance, if you’re feeling happy right now, then that’s your energy and the energy radiating out into the universe.

The question becomes, what feeling do you want to live in?

A while back, I asked myself how I wanted to feel every day and what I wanted to put out into the world around me. For me, that feeling was abundance—which is a combination of all the things like joy, laughter, love, kindness, calm, bravery, restfulness, and expansiveness. I then began to pay attention to what put me into that feeling and what took me out of it.

Whether or not life is a choice is constantly up for debate, but I'm here to remind you of one simple truth. And that is when you notice and acknowledge your life with gratitude and joy, the more ability you gain to choose your energy and vibration.

How? Because, through that lens, you choose to see the beauty more than the pain.

Don’t get me wrong; I don't always wake up feeling abundantly happy. Yet, when I find myself not living in the energy I want, I immediately recognize the need for a shift, and I prioritize making it happen. Noticing the need for a change and acting on it steps me in my power. From there, I harness and protect that sh*t!

You see, my energy is my power source.

It’s the way I want to live and feel every single day. No, it isn't always easy because it means I have to set some serious boundaries, but guess what? It also means that I am relentless and deeply committed to myself. Some would say that’s selfish, but I would remind them that I’m taking care of the energy I put on other people by taking care of my energy first.

I want to feel abundant, AND I want others to feel abundant when they’re near me.

So I wake up every day saying, “I am abundant!” and fully own this vibe. Protecting this vibe and my energy is my life's work. I nurture my soul daily and speak those kind words to myself and choose to find abundance in all the things.

I am abundant because I CHOOSE to harness that energy. (So any situations, people, or things that don't add to my abundance are no longer allowed to penetrate my bubble...BYE!)

And I want you to feel this abundance too.

I want you to know your version of it and see how simple it can be to take your power back and become an energetic master. And that’s why I’m SO excited to invite you to our very first Energetic Mastery class on 4/22—for free!

Join Antoinette and me for this 75-min masterclass to discover how you can choose your mood (and your life)!

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