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Looking For Miracles: A Guide For Seeing Magic In Your Daily Life

Miracles are magical.

When you see something come to life after waiting, hoping, and wishing for it to happen, it can feel like magic—like anything is possible. I know if I asked you to reflect on a miracle in your own life, you would instantly feel a little lighter and likely feel a hint of a smile as you think about the memory. (Hold onto that smile.)

Still, sometimes things don’t seem as perfect as you envision them to be. So you may miss miracles that are right in front of you because they didn't pan out as you imagined them. They don’t quite fit your narrative—even though they are just as magical.

These miracles often happen during times of grief and sorrow, and they often come to us because they are a necessary part of our experience and expanded growth.

Before you run away, I ask you to stick with me.

I don’t want you to see the hard times as miracles, but I do want to show you how to look at these times with a lens of opportunity. I know this can be difficult to follow, but I promise to guide you every step of the way.

If you’re reading this, you’re already ahead of the game in personal development and know life is all about perspective and how you choose to see and experience the world. And when you embody a growth mindset, you can see everything as a learning opportunity or a chance for expansion.

When you live in a growth mindset, you can see everyday miracles.

Of course, constant uncertainty and a global pandemic made it more challenging for many people to see miracles. Chances are, you learned a lot about yourself during the last couple of years. But you also likely haven’t taken a moment to look at the bigger picture from another perspective. So I want to show you another view.

Say I asked you to look back on the past couple of years. Some of you would think about how you struggled. Some of you would think about how overwhelmed or anxious you were. And some of you would think about how you missed out on things you wanted to do or how the last few years were just plain shitty. None of you would be wrong.

But, if you are one of those people, what if you could change your perspective and see the past as a series of miracles? What if you could pinpoint the lessons that led to your growth and provided you the opportunity to change—even if it was not how you planned it?

Difficult times can be miracles because they are the mirror to your truth.

I know firsthand what these miracles can offer us if we choose to turn them into a tool for expansion. I felt it when our daughter had to be homeschooled in the lockdown, when I had to help my husband with his business and drive a dump truck, and when my grandfather passed due to Covid. Each of these things was highly uncomfortable.

But when I take a moment to reflect on the growth they gave me, I find appreciation for these experiences. Teaching Ruby was a blessing that gave me extra time with her. Working hands-on in the family business made me respect how hard my husband works for our family even more.

And listening to my grandfather take his final breaths over the phone filled me with compassion for everyone who had to say goodbye to a loved one virtually. It also gave me an immense appreciation for those helping people battle Covid, such as the nurse who carefully held the phone with such care for my grandfather and me. (If you’re a healthcare worker, thank you.)

If you are feeling brave, then I challenge you to take some time to reflect on your own experiences. Consider some of the difficult times that you’ve faced. Can you see how those times have been a mirror to support you? Open up a fresh page in your journal (or use this as an excuse to buy a new one) and see what comes up for you in this exercise.

Maybe, you’ll see some miracles you missed along the way.

You see, the power of the work that we do at AB Coached is in supporting women just like you in your evolution—and perspective is key in that evolution.

If you can step outside the story you’re telling yourself and see it through a new lens, through a growth mindset, and through the second set of eyes we gift you during our time together, then you can experience even more miracles. Because...

Miracles don’t just happen at random, they happen all the time.

If you want to see them, but you’re not sure how, then let us be your mirror. We will help you see your life through a new lens—and, ultimately, create miracles together. I promise, if you believe in yourself (and in us), it will be magical.

Schedule your complimentary coaching call today to learn more about how to create miracles in your everyday life.

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