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For The Love of Faith

Nothing good comes from doing the same thing—over and over—and wondering why the same outcome always comes.

You read the quotes, listen to the podcast, start a personal development book, and talk some big talk about how you are finally going to do it differently. But (and yes, there is always a “but” in this scenario) there is something that blocks you and gets in the way.

I’ll cut right to the chase. You might not always be able to identify what blocks you, but I bet you that it’s almost always fear. It’s the fear that tells you change is scary, and the unknown is uncomfortable. So, you give in and decide to stick with an outcome you know you can handle.

But THIS is really what’s holding you back. The giving in. The easy choice. The predictable outcome is what’s keeping you from the results you deserve. You see, real change must be experienced. You can’t just wake up and try to think a new way. You must lean into your fear and get uncomfortable to show up differently.

You have to act differently in order to experience differences.

And in your experiences, you get to learn. This is the fun fact where you get to realize just how irrational your fear was in the first place. When you go through something, you learn that you can come out of that—and that there is another side.

What’s even more powerful than this? Than meeting fear face to face and realizing you didn’t have to be afraid? It’s living your life with a deep sense of faith. Faith offers you an inner knowing that is so powerful and deep that it combats fear, especially when you typically try to make excuses.

With faith, there are no excuses. It’s just a profound acceptance that you will be okay even in the most uncomfortable of circumstances. Now, you don’t have to be religious to have faith.

Faith isn’t about anyone or anything else. Faith is about the trust and truth within YOU. It’s the truth of your experiences, the trust that you will wind up where you were meant to be, the truth of your purpose, and the trust that your heart will always guide you. Faith is a knowing inside, and it doesn’t have to make sense to anyone but you.

Okay, so that all sounds lovely. But could you’re likely wondering…how the heck do I lean into faith? I’ll start by telling you that the journey to faith looks different for everyone. I’ll also warn you that it can be uncomfortable—which is why it later helps you combat what would have once made you uncomfortable.

And, to tell you the truth, many people end up giving up on the journey to faith because it doesn’t always feel good. Faith isn’t something you can read about over the weekend or something you can buy for $29.99. You have to experience it yourself.

You must experience discomfort in order to realize that you are okay. That you will be okay. That you have would always have been okay. And with that realization, you’ll gain information that will allow you to access faith—whenever you need it.

To experience faith is to accept that you can thrive in all situations.

Nothing good comes from doing the same thing—over and over—and wondering why the same outcome always comes. So you have to learn how to shut down the fear and lean into the truth inside of you. You have to uncover how to have faith.

So, for the love of faith, join Antoinette and Karissa from AB Coached on January 19 to learn how you can take your fear—and turn it into faith.

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