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Read This If You've Ever Lost Yourself

From the moment you wake up, you have it all planned out.

There you are, picking out the perfect costume — from your hair to your outfit to the day’s shade of lipstick. You check the weather to see if you need to grab a sweater or an umbrella, and you peek at your to-do list before leaving the house. You are always one step ahead.

And there isn’t a day that you don’t have an idea of how you will show up — or a way to avoid it, either. Because of how fast we live, you feel like you have no choice but to be ready.

Which means you are organized, but almost to a fault, because you often forget just to BE, connect, and remember who is actually under all of that attire. Sometimes you find yourself in a quiet moment when you finally can steal away, and you look at your reflection and try to make sense of the person looking back at you.

The women inside of you might feel free at times and then trapped during others. She might catch glimpses of herself, but she has a hard time relating to herself anymore.

Who is she? What does she believe? What are her values?

Have you felt this? Does this sound familiar?

You aren’t alone. (Especially if you have multiple things you have to show up for.) Whether it’s a mother, a founder, an investor, a best friend, a lover, a coach, a yogi, you could be anything — and everything. I remember numerous times when I was completely stuck and lost because of all the roles I felt I had to play at once. I’d look at myself and say, “Is this you, or is this an idea of you that someone else had a vision of?” AND that is the big question.

When you look in the mirror, is it you? Or are you something someone else told you to be, pushed you to be? Do you still like yourself? At your core, do you still exist?

From the moment you are born, the world projects onto you what it thinks will be best for you. But once the world has had its way for you, are you still there?

GIRL, I beg you, ask these tough questions of yourself!

It’s easy to get lost in what we think we should be doing or simply do things because it’s always been done that way. But if you don’t ask yourself these questions, you will continue to get lost covering up who you are meant to be.

And you are worth so much more than what others gave you.

Unlocking the woman inside is not a quick or easy process, but it’s a necessary one.

It is time for you to see the woman inside — the woman under the hair, makeup, attire, and the masks the world put on you. Sure, go ahead and put it all on, but the key is not to lose yourself in the costume.

Don’t let society choose your hats, your masks. You get to wear any outfit or play any role you want, and you still can be the person inside. You can still stay true to yourself.

Because that’s the thing — we often forget to permit ourselves to be human and find our way back to ourselves after getting lost. It can feel overwhelming or even out of reach. So perhaps what you need is a little nudge (and a little direction) to reconnect to your inner being. To reconnect to HER.

Well, your permission to remain faithful to the woman inside is granted, and if you aren’t sure how to take that first step in finding her, I’d like to invite you to our next event, where we will teach you how to Unlock Her.

Oh, and love? Know that you are so much more than you give yourself credit for.

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