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How to Manage Your Schedule So That You Still Love Your Life

Intuitive scheduling is a concept I created years ago to help clients get a grasp on their schedule and design a life that feels good and feasible for them.

Because I work with so many business owners and leaders, I am frequently getting asked about scheduling and effectively and mindfully managing time.

So, what is intuitive scheduling, and why is it so important?

Intuitive scheduling is all about creating a calendar that works for you, not against you. 

Intuitive scheduling goes hand-in-hand with connecting with yourself to understand what your needs are, personally and professionally. For example, if you're tired, make space for rest. If you know you need to eat 5x a day, make sure you always have snacks handy. If you know you get burnt out from meetings, schedule them further apart from each other.

Make sure you have moments each day to recharge and refuel. This could be 10 minutes in the middle of your day, or even two minutes before you walk into a room. Remember, it's all about making your schedule work for you, and it can look different for everyone.

Below are examples of some actions you can take to enhance your day and give you peace of mind:

  • Make your next meeting a walking meeting

  • Go to a nail spa and get a 10 minute back or foot massage

  • Call a friend on a break that makes you laugh or smile!

  • Cancel or move a meeting that can be moved if your day feels too packed

  • Make it a point to go outside at least once in your day

Look at your calendar ahead of time and start creating boundaries. What is the maximum number of meetings per day that you will take? Four? Five? What is an absolute non-negotiable for you in the day? i.e., a 10-minute break. Find your answers, and then commit yourself to them.

And for all the business leaders and entrepreneurs out there, is your team overwhelmed with their schedules? A client of mine came up with a brilliant idea to purchase twenty 10-20 minute massages or meditation sessions upfront (this is easy if you're in NY) at a place near you for your employees. (Virtual options, of course, in 2020.) Let them know they can go and redeem any time they have a schedule that is too packed, and you know they'll need a break. 

Want to put this method in action? Follow these three simple steps:

  • Step 1: Make A List With What Makes You Happy & Brings You Joy. This is your resource as you move through your day (and life).

  • Step 2: Create Mindful Breaks In Your Calendar. Setting 10-30 minutes is wonderful if you have a packed day (but one hour is ideal). 

  • Step 3: Practice Unapologetic Compassion. Slow down during your breaks and see what thing on your joy list would serve you next. 


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