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10 Ways Meditation Can Change Your Life

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

Meditation is a life changer and game-changer.

By slowing down and connecting to yourself, you’re completely upleveling your mindset and your vibe. Over time, this can lead to HUGE transformation in your life that’ll touch everything from your relationships to your work. If you’re new to meditation, don’t worry!

Meditation is truly for everyone, and you can go at your own pace… But, if you need a little convincing, below are my top 10 reasons why meditation can enhance your life!

  1. Meditation reduces anxiety and stress. Literally. Meditation can change your mood in an instant and make you feel like a lighter human being.

  2. Mediation gets you in touch with your intuition. Connecting with your intuition is much easier with meditation, peace, and quiet. Over time, this shift gets even clearer!

  3. Meditation calms the mind. This leads to a calm heart. Your thoughts create your emotions, and meditation creates more space for your heart to open.

  4. Meditation helps you sleep. What better way to fall asleep soundly than with a relaxing meditation session right before bed? Your body will melt into the mattress. (Trust me, it happens to me every night!)

  5. Meditation is good for your health overall. This includes your mind, body, and spirit. As you meditate more often, you'll be able to reach a higher vibration or frequency (aka a feeling of peace, and happiness). Health issues can often stem from draining thought patterns, low levels of energy vibrations, and stress — you can use meditation to counter that!

  6. Meditation invites silence. The silence connects you with yourSELF. Do you find yourself wondering what brought you to where you are today? Are there specific things in your life right now that you want to change? Silence is a gift, and it can pave the way for your inner self to come forward.

  7. Meditation helps you live in the moment. Meditation helps you focus on your breathing, which is all about acknowledging the present moment. The fact that you are breathing right now and are alive is something important to pay attention to. Find your breath, and discover gratitude for your present moment.

  8. Meditation increases awareness. Meditation makes you more aware of your body and soul — simultaneously. It can also help you become more aware of your behavior patterns (which could be causing you stress) and when your emotions shift.

  9. Meditation creates more energy. Breathing in deeply allows you to absorb the energy around you. If you meditate outside, the amount of life, love, and energy you're taking in is abundant. Breathe it all in. It's available to you!!

  10. Meditation can connect you to your spiritual self. If you're seeking spiritual growth, meditation can lead you there. Whether you choose to meditate to a mantra, follow guided meditations on Spotify, or meditate in silence. It's all a way for you to connect to whatever you're looking for.

There are SO many more reasons why meditation is amazing for you, but these are my Top 10! Want to give it a shot? Check out the guided meditations I’ve created just for YOU!


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