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4 Steps to Navigating Transitions with Mindfulness

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

They say that the only thing that is constant in nature is change, and the same goes for us as humans. We are continually evolving and unfolding. Sometimes these transitions can be challenging or uncomfortable – but that's when we need to lean into them the most.

Change makes space for what is to come – new life, new growth, and new opportunities. As humans, we are so in-tune with nature's vibrations, which is why we feel shifts in our personal lives, just like the seasons' change. We've heard from many clients and gems in our community that they are trying to regain footing in themselves, their relationships, and their career paths.

Times may be uncertain, but one thing is for sure: no matter which direction you're headed, you are ready for what's ahead of you. It's time to honor your evolution and embrace change. To help you with the next phase of your journey, we thought it best to share some tips on how to get clear and intentional during a transition time.

Below you'll find our top tips for navigating change with mindfulness to help you take your transformation to the next level... one step at a time.

Choose how you want to show up.

Give yourself a break and know it's okay not to have all the answers right now. You don't need to see all the details to grasp the bigger picture. Instead of beating yourself up for not having everything figured out, ask yourself: how would you like to show up during this transitional time? Write this as an "I am" statement you can hold as an intention!

Get clarity.

Reflecting on what is shifting for you right now will help you digest what's happening and give you more clarity on where you want to go. Take time to create quiet in your mind. Achieve this through meditating, connecting with nature, or journaling. If you journal, ask yourself: what is changing for you? How does it feel? What are you transitioning into or out of?

Claim what you want.

During times of uncertainty and change, life can feel out of your control. It's not! You have the power to create your life by shifting your energy to align with what you desire. Imagine yourself six months from now, what does your life look like? What have you experienced, released, and welcomed to get there? Take some time to visualize and journal that scene. Finally, consider what you can shift, right now, to live in that space of KNOWING your vision is already in action. Own it!

Take action.

You have the vision, and while holding it is powerful, it must be accompanied by action. Knowing how you want to handle this transition and where you are headed, how can you take the next step? Choose one step to put into effect (start small!) and decide when to do it. Accountability is the true hero behind mindful action. Find someone, such as a coach, spiritual teacher, or friend, to share your action plan with and hold you accountable for executing it!

All in all, be gentle with yourself. Be gentle with those around you. And have faith that everything will unfold according to your highest good. We are here – sending love and support in your journey.


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