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This Is The Place Before You Pivot

Have you ever felt like you were going forward, but nothing was actually changing?

Let me paint a picture for you.

You are driving a car, and you are moving one way. You are going forward (maybe with direction, maybe with intuition, but most likely because you are just doing the same thing you’ve always done because that's just how it is).

And, eventually, you get tired of driving down the same road—over and over again. It feels like you’re going forward, but it’s just more of the same.

As we get older and go searching for our purpose, two things become increasingly important.

The pivot—and the place before the pivot.

I know the word “pivot” has become really trendy during the pandemic, but let me debunk something about pivots before I keep going. Pivots don’t need to have a dramatic climax or a rock bottom. You don’t have to have a major life-altering issue before you make a change.

Pivoting is as simple as waking up, coming back to yourself, recognizing that you’re behind the damn wheel, and the scenery just isn’t cutting it for you anymore.

It’s acknowledging that “yes, this is how it has been done, but this isn’t how I’m going to do it anymore—because I deserve more.”

And THAT moment? That’s the magical place before the pivot.

This is the place you realize what you have been doing no longer serves you. It’s the moment you know you can choose a different way. This place is the sign you have been seeking—as if the universe just threw up a billboard with your intuition on it.

The place before the pivot is where your growth becomes possible, and a pivot becomes inevitable.

And it’s the moment in your life when you decide to stop driving on autopilot and turn in a new direction with purpose.

Of course, there’s no hiding that the pivot feels uncomfortable. (That’s why so many people keep driving down the same road the same way their whole lives.) But if you’re reading this, you already know you’re meant for more than the road you’re on.

Sure, it’s easier to drive a straight line than a curvy highway, but what’s the fun in always seeing what’s ahead?

And let me debunk another misconception. Pivoting does not mean you have to give up all of yourself. It’s simply about seeing and owning that there is MORE to you. Pivoting helps you access your full potential—and move your life into the fast lane.

Still, this move doesn’t have to be dramatic (safety first—you can still go the speed limit). It can be as simple as understanding that what is for you is not what is currently in front of you. But that simple understanding with yourself? It can open SO many more roads for you.

Pivoting can unleash new terrains, new views, and a new perspective on what’s in your rearview.

The place before the pivot is about realizing that there is more than “one way” to live your life. And while some of the paths might feel daunting, they are worth exploring—and you owe it to yourself to see what these roads can turn into.

So, do you want to see something new? If you’re ready to buckle up and take a spin with me in your passenger seat, then I invite you to my masterclass on “The Place Before The Pivot,” happening on September 8. We’ll talk about what you need in your vehicle (aka your heart space) to make the pivot happen and how to get clarity about your direction.

Sign up here for free, and let’s take a road trip.


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