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The Key To Getting Unstuck

How often do you feel stuck? And when you do, what does it take for you to make a shift?

As a coach, I’ve seen (and experienced) that we tend to permit ourselves to stay stuck. We tend to postpone our dreams. But why?

There isn't one clear answer, and there is also NO quick fix. The truth is, it happens for many reasons. Some of the most common themes I’ve seen are giving in to fear or doubt, hitting a wall, or struggling with perfectionism.

But what if you found a way to find strength in being imperfect and in being afraid? What if you cultivated confidence during the collision that helped you get unstuck?

The key is self-awareness—about getting clear about your needs and when it’s time for a change.

Sometimes, even if you know you want to change and the key is in your hand, it can feel easier to delay opening the door.

I believe this is because sometimes you end up feeling so stuck that you don't know which door to open, or maybe you feel paralyzed by the need to be perfect before making a change. The thing is, the clearer that you get, the less resistance you’ll feel.

Because when you’re clear about your needs, it won’t matter that so-and-so told you you couldn’t do something or that the timing isn’t perfect. Because when you’re clear about your needs, you don’t allow limiting beliefs to dictate your future.

Yes, change is HARD, but choosing to go where you are now to where you want to be CAN be easy. It’s all about being brave enough to step into that space, to claim what’s yours, and to trust that you will come out stronger on the other side of that door.

The key is within you, and you carry it with you every day. It’s about being courageous enough to use it.

As a coach, it is my job to bring that courage out of you, to remind you what’s possible—and even to change what you thought was IMPOSSIBLE. It’s my job to show you all of the doors that you can open and help you choose your favorite one.

Because when you invest in coaching, you don’t just invest in a short-term confidence boost. You invest in getting unstuck and getting into the next phase of your life.

By working with a coach, you face your perfectionism head-on, and you get honest about your needs. You build self-awareness, and this is where that courage comes from. And when you’re clear about all of the above, no challenge will get in the way of your needs.

And let me tell you something, you’re strong enough already.

Will you be afraid? Heck yes. But will it be worth it? HECK YES.

I know, I know. This all sounds good in theory, but everything I teach is because I experienced or studied it! When it comes to being stuck, I KNOW from personal experience. Had I not taken the key, opened the door, and faced my shit, I wouldn't be where I am today.

My ability to pull strength when I had nothing left and take a leap of faith is the reason I get to guide you today. I only wish that I invested in coaching sooner so that I could find this strength earlier.

So if you felt any part of your body get tingly while reading this or felt your mind scream “YES!” or your soul started to light up, then I beg you to follow that instinct. Trust your body. Listen to your gut. And don’t give in to the temptation to stay stuck.

Stop postponing your dreams, and start living in them.

And if you need a nudge, then I’m here to help you. Book a complimentary consultation with me here. Let’s do this together.


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