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A New Type of Challenge

A few months ago we launched a private group for our Ojai retreat grads and a couple of alumni clients. This private group, the Raise Your Frequency group, is a monthly workshop focused on raising your vibration. We've created a structure and specific method on how to raise your frequency and it works.

The point?

To live a more joyous, satisfied life. To feel more in touch and in tune with your intuition. And to create more miracles, with ease.

What I've noticed is that this small sample of people (about 7), all show up to the calls:

  • Fully present

  • Open-minded

  • Intentional

  • Willing

  • Focused

THIS is an energy shift in and of itself.

Example of this:

Krista is normally stressed, scattered, and feels like she's in 'fight or flight' most of the day. She comes into a Raise Your Frequency group call and she automatically shifts her energy to grounded, present, and focused. After the 60+ minute call she feels completely different vs. how she felt before she joined.

So, Krista not only brings a different version of herself into the call, but she also shifts her energy because of that version of herself. Combined with our unique exercises to raise her frequency...the experience becomes a huge success.

This then becomes evidence that not only do these methods work, but Krista is also making this work through her own energetic intention. In other words, her way of being is a key element to her shifting her vibration.

This month, we're launching our first Being Challenge with this group. For 7 days, each of our members will focus on a way of being in their life.

We start tomorrow, and I couldn't be more excited!

This is the beginning of many Being Challenges, and many, many sessions on Raising Your Frequency. If you're interested in joining the next cohort, email me at

*The client story above is anonymous, there is no one named Krista in our community. All names on blog posts will be changed in regards to clients or community members unless otherwise agreed upon with the client.

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