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AB/Community with Nicole Comis

AB/Community is an interview series featuring some of the amazing women we work with. Read on to learn about who they are and what they’ve gained from coaching.

Meet Nicole Comis. Over the past 20 years, Nicole has established herself as a leader in the contemporary fashion market. During this time, she's developed both a track record of success throughout all aspects of the industry and developed an extensive network of cross-industry and senior-level connections.

Nicole is the founder of Designer Network NY/LA, a sales and development agency that works exclusively with emerging advanced contemporary designers, and she's also a proud member of none other than the AB/Community!

Describe yourself in 1-2 sentences.

I'm 100000% Taurean, living a very full life in PR, FL, and NYC. I'm an entrepreneur with multiple fashion businesses, mom to a two-year-old boy and five-year-old labradoodle, and married to my forever partner in it all.

You launched your company, Designer Network NY/LA, to support emerging advanced contemporary designers. What drives you in your work?

I love sharing my extensive experience from high-level executive sales positions with major US fashion companies with the talented, young, and emerging designers and brands we represent and contributing to building and growing with them from an early stage.

After spending the last 20+ years establishing yourself as a leader in the contemporary fashion market, what made you decide to work with Antoinette?

Covid was really difficult for a lot of people in my industry and my business, especially since we support new and young designers and brands. I was also a new mom and displaced from home because of Covid restrictions, so I was in a challenging place—personally and professionally. I had been introduced to Antoinette in 2019, but the timing didn't work out.

Then, when AB introduced the 100k Club program, I felt it was the right person and program to help me rebuild myself and my business, which it did. We made an incredible bounce-back, redesigning our business and making new, incredible partnerships that are all the things I love about the business. I continue to work on my personal and professional development as a private client with Karissa.

How do you bring what you learn from AB Coached into your everyday life?

I've learned so many tools that support self-care, appreciation, and inspired action leading to how I want to show up personally and professionally. I certainly don't knock it out of the park every day, but I consistently have better experiences.

Karissa works with many high-achieving entrepreneurs like yourself, and they often ask what other entrepreneurs focus on in their sessions. What’s been one of your most significant breakthroughs working with AB Coached?

No doubt recognizing how much I can control my reality and choosing what kind of experiences I have. I’ve had some pretty powerful manifestations come to life, and they were definitely not a coincidence.

I truly enjoy my life on a different level now than I ever have. Ever.

I’m very grateful to Antoinette and Karissa and all of the amazing women who support each other through their community.

Want to connect with Nicole?

Connect with Nicole on LinkedIn, and check out her brand's website and Instagram!

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