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AB/Community with Heidi Taglio

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

AB/Community is an interview series featuring some of the amazing women we work with. Read on to learn about who they are and what they’ve gained from coaching.

Meet Heidi Taglio, a Human Resources Expert, Culture Curator, Hands-on Manager, Strategic Thinker, People Wrangler, Random Acts of Kindness Expert, and Sounding Board. Oh, and she's an Associate Partner at Eleven Inc. and the Head of Talent & Employee Experience for Vision7 US. (Yes, seriously!)

Describe yourself in 1-2 sentences.

I have about 156 years of experience in total as a daughter, sibling, friend, professional, partner, and parent. The older I get, I realize that I don’t know what I don’t know. Chords, melodies, and lyrics are my religion. Tenderness is a surefire way to make me cry, I believe laughter buys us more time, and I’m most joyful when I feel connected to my family, communities, and Mother Nature.

You proudly share that you love your job (love this!), now tell us how you crafted a career that’s meaningful to you.

My role is heading up talent and people operations in the advertising industry. Combining organizing principles and people development within a creative and eccentric field has been a perfect marriage for me because I’m empathetic, imaginative, and intentional by nature.

It’s a career that has kept me engaged and on my toes for quite a while. I find it very rewarding—about 99.9% of the time!

Our theme this month is “resilience.” What does resilience mean to you, and how has coaching helped you be a more resilient leader?

Resiliency is ALL about energy! Pressure, stress, and complexities will always be presented in life, especially in the workplace. How I react and respond is a choice. Coping, adapting, and rebounding are now front and center in my wheelhouse.

Coaching has provided me the ability and experience to view most situations as an opportunity to move forward. This has been a huge shift for me. This behavior has lightened the emotional heaviness I used to feel constantly, so I’ve definitely benefited as a leader, but it’s also carried over into my personal life and relationships.

You’re doing incredible in your work with Antoinette after just six short weeks. What inspired you to start working with Antoinette?

A colleague, friend, and spiritual sister of mine let me know I needed a shift. She had seen me slipping backward in how I was showing up in life. This woman knows me well and has been consciously practicing energetics for a while. She made the connection, recommendation, and—ultimately—the introduction to Antoinette. I think about that conversation frequently with a lot of wonder, emotion, and gratitude.

Describe your coaching experience in three words.

Essential. Effortless. Expanded.

How are things working out for you since you've started working together?

The simple answer is I’m a better version of myself. Life feels less complicated to me these days. Something I wrote down during a coaching session is never far away from me, "I live with an open heart, I love and own my story, and I trust my path is perfect."

What’s been one of your biggest breakthroughs?

I want to throw out many competing answers, but to narrow to one and a half, I would have to say learning that intentions are fine, but attachments to expectations are not helpful. And choice. I’ll be damned if most of it doesn’t come down to choice! ❤

How can our community members get in touch with you?

You can email me at!

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