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AB/Community with Lisa Mattam

Updated: May 2, 2022

AB/Community is an interview series featuring some of the amazing women we work with. Read on to learn about who they are and what they’ve gained from coaching.

Meet Lisa Mattam, the founder of the Ayurvedic-inspired skincare line Sahajan. Lisa is widely recognized as a leader in entrepreneurship and advancement of women and diversity. Prior to Sahajan, Lisa equipped Fortune 500 companies with tools to keep women in the C-Suite and advance diversity in the workplace.

She's also co-authored a report on motherhood and career success and contributed to a book on management solutions. Most recently, Lisa launched AccelerateHER, a 6-month accelerator program targeting women entrepreneurs led by women founders.

Describe yourself in 1-2 sentences.

I am very proudly the founder of Sahajan—a clinically proven Ayurvedic skincare company. My deep passion and purpose lies within creating spaces and tables for women to accelerate and grow. I'm also a proud mama bear, daughter, sister, friend, and wife.

You launched your company, Sahajan, to bring Ayurveda to the beauty world so that everyone could nurture their inner and outer beauty. What is it that drives you?

When I was inspired to create Sahajan, I felt so strongly that within Ayurveda lay not only the ingredients for better skin but also a foundation for a life lived with more quality and wellness. As the brand evolved, knowing our products or even our content made someone feel more supported or enriched in their journey to wellness has been everything. Being the golden connection between our community and customers, Ayurveda is the ultimate driver.

Where were you in your entrepreneurship journey when you decided to take the leap and work with Antoinette? And what made you leap?

At the time, Sahajan had just hit an incredible financial milestone, and, at that same moment, some changes within the business had me exploring how to continue the trajectory amidst a tremendous amount of personal change.

In my very first conversation, I really opened up to Antoinette. Within two days, I made the conscious decision to take the leap. I knew that I didn’t really understand how the experience would unfold yet, but I couldn’t get our chat out of my mind. I realized that the best investment I could make as a founder was in myself.

How do you bring what you learn from AB Coached into your everyday life?

MEDITATION, full stop! In the early days of working with Antoinette, I was a very reluctant meditator. I wasn't sure I could quiet my mind or that it could help the challenges I was facing.

But Antoinette led, and I leaned in. Now, there isn’t a day when I don’t spend at least 5 minutes in meditation.

Antoinette works with many high-achieving entrepreneurs like yourself, and they often ask what other entrepreneurs focus on in their sessions. What’s been one of your most significant breakthroughs working with Antoinette?

Just ONE? My work with Antoinette has gone in many directions, but if I could sum it up: the breakthrough is really understanding (and now believing) that everything I need is within me.

Whether it’s the decision to reach out to others, raise capital, grow my team, or live in alignment with my vision, the meditations and the focus consistently reinforce that there isn’t anything I can’t manage with the right mindset and energy.

Want to connect with Lisa?

Connect with Lisa on LinkedIn, and check out her brand's website and their Instagram page!

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