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AB/Community with Neha Ruch

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

AB/Community is an interview series featuring some of the amazing women we work with. Read on to learn about who they are and what they’ve gained from coaching.

Meet Neha Ruch, the founder of Mother Untitled.

What's one thing you want the world to know about you?

This season of life is my favorite yet! I found calm and confidence in my own skin, but equally a genuine purpose in nurturing family and myself.

You’ve been working with Antoinette for 1.5 years. What motivated you to work with her?

I had just had my second child and felt completely unclear on what I wanted for myself during the transition. It was a Sunday, and I left my kids for the first time postpartum to go to an intention setting workshop with Antoinette. Being in that room was the first time I'd felt connected to myself in three months, and I wanted more of that.

We’re all about big, bold moves! What’s a big, bold decision you've made since coaching that you’re most proud of?

Getting and accepting help! I had pinned so much of my identity on family life that I couldn't detach from the concept of doing it mostly on my own. Antoinette gave me the language to recognize and own the gifts in my life that allows me to live more joyfully and pass that energy down to the family.

You launched Mother Untitled to share your story about focusing on family life. How’d you develop your confidence so you could inspire other mothers who feel similarly?

Clarity is everything. I felt certain after I had my first child that I wanted space to slow down and enjoy motherhood. As I did, I started unlocking so much creativity and growth that it was very clear that I could authentically share the message of empowerment in this chapter.

Personal growth and creativity are two values important to you. How has Antoinette helped you evolve personally and foster creativity in your everyday life?

Antoinette is my mirror to whom I allow myself to be fully honest about what I need and what I need to work on. For me, growth and creativity go hand in hand. Antoinette has given me reading, exercises, and reflections to work through significant emotional blocks. And when I do I find it, it often allows me to step forward into power and flow, which serve me creatively. Sometimes my creative work gets put on hold in favor of family time, and Antoinette has been my accountability partner time and time again.

The time I take with her is a regular commitment to dive into the hard spots, devise a plan to work through them, and hold myself accountable to moving forward.

What’s your mantra on repeat?

"This moment is meant for our evolution." Antoinette gave me this when I was really struggling with the transition to two children and my inability to give them each all of me. I kept struggling with this seemingly minute issue of not knowing which one to tend to, and she told me that this transition, this moment where one might be waiting, will serve us all to bring us to the next version we were meant to be. At every tricky moment, I come back to this for myself and my children.

What advice would you give to someone who’s on the fence about coaching?

For me, the choice of coaching was about choosing to move forward from old blocks and into new habits and mindsets. Decide if you're ready for that. Investing in coaching has been (for me) the commitment to myself, to simultaneously stay clear on my truth and keep doing the work to be my best self in every aspect of my life.

Follow Neha on Instagram @motheruntitled.

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