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Full Moon Ritual for Letting Go

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

Let’s get this out of the way: letting go isn’t easy.

But it is so dang powerful, loves.

Letting go allows you to create space for new thoughts, behaviors, experiences, and people. There is SO much power in letting go, and choosing to let go is an empowering step in owning who you are.

One of the best times to honor this process is during a full moon — a symbolic time of release and letting go of what does not serve you. In honor of the next full moon, we’ve created a juicy full moon ritual to help you cleanse, release, and let go. This is just the first step in the journey, and we’re so grateful you’re here to take it with us.

Full Moon Ritual For Letting Go

  • Write two lists (on separate sheets of paper). First, write a list of the things you want to release (such as negative self-talk, old patterns and limiting beliefs, etc.), and write a second list of all the things you want to call into your life.

  • Read your 'release' list out loud. Read your list to the Universe, to a friend, or a family member. There is power in speaking your truth. Announce to the world why it’s important to you that you let this sh*t go.

  • Rip up your ‘release’ list. After you’ve read your list out loud, tear it up, and release all that doesn’t serve you into the Universe. Visualize it all leaving your body, your mind, and your energetic field — floating away like dust!

  • Burn it all up. In a safe space (preferably outdoors and with caution) light your scraps on fire. This is the physical manifestation of leaving your thoughts and patterns behind.

  • Repeat the process for the manifest list. Surrender control, visualize your wishes and your desires being released to the Universe. Use this physical manifestation to show that you thrive under uncertainty and accept the natural course of life. Then leave it to the universe to give and take what is meant for you.


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