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How To Have Faith In The Universe

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

I had a dream once. You know the kind where you feel like you’re participating, but you don’t have control of what your body does? Sometimes these dreams can be so powerful you feel like you’re there in the moment. I especially love the dreams where you’re running, and you keep saying “go faster!” but you can’t.

I always wonder, what am I running from? Why am I in such a hurry? Why can’t my mind just show me the whole picture? And what would happen if I stopped trying to control it?

These questions remind me that the mind, body, and spirit are all connected. Whether you know about quantum physics, most of us can respect the idea that we’re all made of energy and that everything is connected. So when I think about these dreams, I can’t help but wonder about the source of that energy and what my subconscious is trying to teach me.

Everything can be a learning opportunity if we choose to pay attention.

The world is always trying to teach us something, but we’re often trying to run faster — in our dreams or reality — and we miss the lesson. We’re often trying too hard, in a hurry, running away, or fighting back, and we think life has to be hard and that it couldn’t be easier.

Just like in the dream I described, it feels like we don’t have control, so we do what we can to try and regain that control. But what if you didn’t? What if you had faith that the dream you’re chasing will be caught eventually and that something bigger than you is supporting you along the way? What if you choose to trust in the whole picture without actually seeing the entire picture?

There are plenty of moments in life that teach us to have faith. It could be as simple as the faith it takes to lay down to sleep each night and trust that our body will continue breathing, even when our mind is not awake, and we are not aware of our breath flowing. We can also learn faith from trusting that the sun will come out after a storm, that hard work will pay off, and that spring will always come after winter—even if it’s a rough one.

But when it comes to trusting in the Universe, the question becomes: how do you learn to have faith in something we can’t easily see or touch?

The Universe itself is all energy. It’s the highest source, God, or Spirit (whatever you prefer). It’s the collective of all things coming together to create our 3-D experience.

And the Universe is also complex (but the way to have faith in it is simple—it’s all about surrendering). We weren’t meant to know it all, be it all, or do it all. That is why everyone has a purpose, and we get to share our passion and knowledge as a collective. And faith in the Universe is about not needing to know everything or be an expert in all you do.

After all, the Universe is an expert at providing us with what our hearts desire and creating opportunities for us. We just have to let it by getting out of our own way, which is when surrendering comes in — knowing that we are where we need to be and that everything is a part of the process.

Surrendering means not rushing, not running. It’s knowing that your purpose in life is not to suffer but to learn from rewards and challenges. It’s knowing that every triumph and every hurdle is an opportunity to learn, grow, and change.

Surrendering is not giving up or giving in; it’s giving yourself grace.

To have faith in the Universe is knowing that the Universe created this moment for you — even reading this blog. And whenever you find yourself in a moment when you’re questioning your faith, ask yourself, what is the opportunity to surrender here?

Then notice, listen, and allow the intuitive information to help you move forward and take your next step (or no step at all). And how do you learn to surrender? Through practice.

Awareness is practice, change is practice, life is practice, and we become who we are when we practice being who we want to be, which is why we created The Practice, our signature group coaching program, to help you grow deeper in your faith and deeper in your practice.

When you begin to trust and practice surrendering, you’ll witness the changes that will easily fall into place in all aspects of your life.

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