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Why The Moon Is The Ultimate Source of Feminine Power

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Without the moon, we would be so much less than we are. Without the moon, we would have no tides or ocean waves. Our days would be shorter, seasons may not change, and the year would be much longer.

The moon evokes a gravitational pull that allows us to live life as we know it. We can thank the moon for our 24-hour day and our 7-day week. And we also learn more about the power of gravity, space, and life in general thanks to our dear friend, the moon.

The moon is our gateway to understanding the past and helping us productively move forward — yet we tend to ignore its power.

The feminine energy within the moon connects us to our intuition and emotions. This is the place where we can find real joy, happiness, and self-love. If we connect to the moon on a spiritual level, we can reconnect to our life's true purpose.

The moon is truly our best source for tapping into our inner feminine energy. When we attune to the moon — and come to it with a set of intentions — we operate with deeper connectivity to our higher self. It is from this space that we can connect deeper to GUS (otherwise known as God, Universe, or Spirit).

One of my earliest experiences in coaching energy and mindset shifts was when I started to attune to nature and found a deep attraction to the moon and its stars. (I blame the gravitational pull of the moon for drawing me into more feminine energy as we coast into 2021.)

We spend a lot of our lives in masculine energy or the hustle mindset. But when we allow ourselves to relax into the present moment, reconnect to our why, and look inside for validation, we are more likely to become who we were meant to be.

Working with the moon isn’t about woo-woo magic but about your inner magic.

It’s about taking the time to connect back to who you are at your core. Ask yourself, what seeds do you want to plant, how can you best water them, and what comes next after they bloom? Life isn’t just about setting one intention and then being done. It’s about constant change so that we can continuously re-evaluate and re-align. That means we’re always looking back, looking inward, and visualizing what's next – which is why our thoughts are our reality.

So, whether you choose to connect to the moon, the sun, the sea, or even Mother Earth, remember the moment you decide to reflect is always the best time. Attune, ignite, and embody the power of the moon — or whatever energy guides you! By doing so, you’ll cultivate fluidity, creativity, change, and be more aligned with your feminine energy.

As a coach, I love bringing people together to celebrate the lessons we can learn from the moon — especially during a full moon. Join one of our upcoming rituals where — together — we plant seeds for our dream future, and I help guide you in letting go of what no longer serves you.

Because together in the community, we are so much stronger than when we go at this crazy life alone. Whenever you see the moon next, know that I’ll be looking out at it too and sending you love and light. Don't forget to thank the moon the next time you notice how long the days are, how the seasons change, and see the waves at the beach.

The moon and her powerful feminine energy await you.

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