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Yes, You Are Worthy Of Being Your First Priority

You are worth it — but somewhere along the way, you’ve convinced yourself otherwise.

Through your subconscious (and various other subliminal messages), you have created a story about why you don’t deserve more. I know because I’ve been there.

As young girls, we often dream and visualize our future lives. We watch those around us, and we soak in stories and movies. For me, I had created this vision years ago, and I was clinging so tightly to being a superhero-do-it-all mom, but the truth is? I was totally miserable!

Back then, I spent so much time on everyone else and not honoring my own needs and desires. So about 99% of my time was spent running around in circles for others, and the remaining 1% went to me complaining about how I “didn’t have time.”

I was playing so small that I could not see all that was available to me. Because even though we create these beautiful visions, what we don’t do is allow for pauses, to stop to reevaluate, and to change dreams when necessary.

Eventually, I realized my original vision was well-worn and ultimately holding me back from embracing all that I had and wanted to be.

After getting burned out, I saw how my relationship to what I deserved and what I needed was missing. So I went back to the drawing board.

It was then that I already realized it was time to invest in support. It wasn’t that I couldn’t do it alone, but I no longer wanted to. Instead, I wanted to lean on someone, a community, so I invested in group coaching (aka an investment into myself). As soon as I did, I saw how my story — though it was unique and wholly my own — resonated with almost ALL the women!

There were tears and tearing down of limiting beliefs, and eventually, I started to recreate my vision. This new vision included me standing up for myself and my time in a new way that aligned with my innermost needs. With small chewable steps (that I got from my loving coach — aka Antoinette), I started to recreate a vision that included myself as the priority.

In time, I realized I didn’t have to be perfect, and I didn’t have to force it. I just had to carve out the time for myself first, so I was grounded and clear to fulfill all of my responsibilities. I could still do it all, as long as I shifted what “all” included.

Finally, I saw myself as worthy of being as my greatest priority.

So, enough with the excuses and old visions. It’s time that you came to the same realization — that you are worth it. And here’s why:

  1. You can come first.

  2. You are your best advocate.

  3. Only you know what you truly need.

  4. You have the power to speak your truth.

  5. You get to visualize and design your life.

  6. You have the power to say HECK YES to you.

  7. There is no one like you (and that’s a good thing)!

  8. You’ve already done hard things — beautifully.

  9. No one else can continue this work for you.

  10. You deserve to love yourself first.

Your self-worth is your greatest currency. So if you want to live a full, authentic, and fulfilling life, you must come back to yourself and truly see your worth.

I’m so thankful my self-worth journey included a community that uplifted and helped me visualize my life with me. To shift how I viewed my time. To change how I viewed myself.

And I want to invite you to find this same support, this same guidance. Because a good coach will sit beside you, love you, and hold up a mirror to your life. A good coach will help you find the bigness in you and help you change your vision to one that aligns with what you deserve.

To stop playing small and to start claiming your right to be a priority.

What do you say?

First things first, as I said earlier, we often don’t take the time to pause — so that’s where we begin. Reset, visualize, and absorb peace with us at the first Peace Retreat. This 3-day journey is all about hitting the reset button and unlocking the best version of you.

Join Antoinette and me as we support you — from the gorgeous YO1 resort in the Catskills. Yes, you deserve this. You, you are worth it. Let’s do this.

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